Top 10 Must-visit Places in Kuching

Sarawak attracts tourists mainly for its rich and diverse ethnic cultures and tradition. The first place to discover Sarawak is in Kuching, the state capital. Here are Catcityrides 10 must-visit places in Kuching.

1# Kuching waterfront

The Waterfront, Kuching, Sarawak by Fabio Achilli

Kuching waterfront is a place where the most event in Kuching is held. The walkways stretch about 1km with nearby access to Darul Hana Bridge, restaurant, street food, and vendors. At night, Kuching waterfront becomes more alive, with beautiful lighting, street performance, and water fountain performance. The street performance and water fountain usually start at 8 pm until 11 pm and it is highly recommended to visit at night.

2# Darul Hana Bridge

Darul Hana Bridge, Kuching, Sarawak by Fabio Achilli

The Darul Hana Bridge is a bridge that connects the north and south of Kuching. With the unique ‘S’ shape infrastructure design and beautiful lighting at night, making Darul Hana Bridge one of best tourist attraction. The 336 m bridge also symbolize Hornbill the emblem of Sarawak.

3# Sarawak Cultural Village

Sarawak – Cultural Village by Eulinky

Sarawak Cultural Village is the place where you can truly experience Sarawak’s different ethnic culture and tradition. The museum features houses for different ethnic such as Iban, Melanau, Orang Ulu and much more. Each house is filled with replicas showing each tribe tradition and their musical instruments. Sarawak cultural village also offers dance and music show which is very fun and educative. Click here to learn more.

4# Sarawak state museum

Sarawak State Museum by Jenn

Sarawak state museum is the oldest museum in Sarawak, displaying various artifacts, and the history of Sarawak. This museum also shows cultures, craft and traditional longhouses of ethnic in Sarawak. The building itself is one big part of history since it is more than 38 years old. Click here to learn more.

5# Semenggoh wildlife centre

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre by Julie Edgley

Semenggoh wildlife rehabilitation centre is located around 20 km from Kuching. It is the perfect place to visit for wildlife and nature lovers. The Orangutan rehabilitation centre takes care of baby and orphaned orangutans since 1975. Orange-haired primates roam semi-wild inside the protected area. The perfect time for visiting is 9 am and 3 pm which is the feeding time. Click here to learn more.

6# Bako national park

Sandstone Cliff on Bako Beach by Bernard DUPONT

Bako National Park is another place for wildlife and nature lovers. It is located around 1 hour from Kuching. After taking a short boat ride to the park entrance, visitors can hike along the trails, visit beaches and go wildlife-spotting. This national park contains almost all variety of vegetation, abundant wildlife, secluded beaches, trekking trails, jungle streams, and waterfalls. Click here to learn more.

7# Orchid park

Kuching Orchid Park, Sarawak by Thomas Quine

The Kuching Orchid park is suitable for visitors who search for beautiful nature scenery. It houses thousands of plant species, all are beautiful and vivid colors. Bring along your camera and take pictures. Click here to learn more.

8# Fairy Cave and Wind Cave

Fairy cave, Bau by Chipmunk_1

Fairy cave and wind cave are just a few minutes drive apart. It is recommended to visit both. You can wander on around from one side of the outcrop to the other and see the stalactites and stalagmites that have formed over millennia. Click here to learn more.

9# Serikin border market

Serikin by Irwandy Mazwir

Serikin is a town border market between Indonesia and Sarawak. The market have grew larger and longer. There are various souvenirs, fruits, flowers, cloth, mattress and many more are on sale. Its truly a hidden gem and worth while to visit.

10# Cat Statues

Kuching Cats by Jon Robson

Given the city’s name, or also known as catcity, there are a lot of cat statues in public places. In the center of Kuching city, there are a big cats statues posing in front of china town. A must do activity for visitors is to walk along the streets in search of the statues and pose next to it. Cat statues make it on our 10 must-visit places in Kuching because we are catcityrides.

There are many more interesting places in Kuching, Here is another interesting guide on Best place to visit in Kuching.

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